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Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Companies - 2018

Today, AI helps governments with cognitive applications. From plummeting backlogs to reducing costs, managing tasks to predicting fraudulent transactions, identifying criminal suspects to freeing workers from mundane tasks, AI has brought a massive change in the operations of governments. Though a profound impact has been witnessed on government work, agencies have to decide which functions should be automated and to what degree.

As government agencies across the globe are adopting AI, numerous use cases have begun to emerge. An estimated 80 percent of the world’s data- documents, files, videos, or audios - held in formats that could not be used until the emergence of AI, can now be effortlessly analyzed. This has now led to people understanding data and using them to make informed decisions.

With us on the cusp of more significant changes from AI, data mining and machine learning will further redesign operating models, processes in governments and transform how public-sector employees will get their work done. This could include eliminating few jobs, redesigning several others as well as creating entirely new professionals, thereby, revolutionizing facets of government operations. In the end, it is estimated that AI will free up to 1.2 billion working hours each year, saving a massive $41.1 billion.

Our distinguished selection panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, industry analysts, and Govt CIO Outlook’s editorial board have thoroughly analyzed the industry and recognized the key players. We present to you, Govt CIO Outlook’s “Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Providers - 2018.”

    Top Artificial Intelligence Solution Companies

  • Offers a patented AI technology that automates record management and improves the integrity and effectiveness of large-scale governmental administrative processes

  • Fifth Dimension is the technological leader in Law Enforcement investigation and analysis solutions. The company’s Unified Investigation Platform was built specifically to utilize advanced analytics and AI to assist police analysts and investigators solve more cases faster. The company was founded and is led by former high-ranking intelligence officers and data science experts

  • Offers market-leading SIEM solutions with machine learning to solve the toughest IT, Internet of Things and security challenges



    Provides a broad range of services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations

  • Blindspot solutions

    Blindspot solutions

    Provider of software solutions and consultancy services in resource optimization, strategic inspections and physical security



    Offers large-scale real-time face recognition and biometric solutions by leveraging artificial intelligence technology to government and enterprises

  • Fluid AI

    Fluid AI

    Provider of AI for retail stores to handle marketing, operation and payments, while weighing risk involved in the process

  • N2 Global Solutions

    N2 Global Solutions

    Aims to use smart artificial technology to reduce costs of operations while using modern technology by having total control over plugged devices and thereby conserving energy

  • Optibus


    Specializes in Transportation planning, Transportation optimization, Real-time scheduling, Dynamic Public Transportation, and Autonomous Public Transportation

  • Veritone


    Offers an AI-enabled OS that unlocks the power of cognitive computing to transform and analyze audio, video and other data sources to generate actionable insights